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Family Law / Admin Support Staff

Paralegal and Project Management


Elena Hollingshead - 


My 17 years experience working in law firms and working for attorneys includes:

  • case management (overseeing a case from start to finish).
  • Drafting of various pleadings, motions, rule 11 agreement, temporary orders, divorce decrees, etc. 
  • Prepare financial information sheets, inventories and exhibits lists.
  • Prepare discovery requests and responses.
  • Prepare the pleadings for divorces, Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship, and Modifications.

 I supervise and train legal assistants to draft original petitions, counter-petitions, answers and everything in between to the final decree of divorce, and basically take a case from start to finish. 


Being prepared and staying on top of deadlines is essential in the area of law.  I understand the importance of a deadline and work with the attorneys to establish a system or utilize their own system to be ahead of the impending target date.


On a personal note, I enjoy working in this area of law.  I  work hard to exceed my goals and strengthen my skills.  It is imperative to me to build a trusting, working relationship with our clientele and your clients. Divorce.  I always say to the person involved that I may have gone through this process a hundred times, but this is your first divorce or custody battle and I will do everything I can to make this a smooth transition. 


I know at times, this process could turn our kind and understanding client to eractic or unpleasant behavior. I am usually the person to able to unruffle a few feathers and calm the storm as best I can to get the client back on track.


Family Law is busy, unrelentless and gratifying all at the same time.  At the end of a case, attorneys are hopeful they have exhausted their legal expertise to accomplish the end result for their client and perhaps say a few kind words about the lawyer and staff.  It is our job to reach that same goal in support of your efforts.


*Disclaimer, our staff does not provide or solicit legal advice.  If you are in need of legal representation, we can offer referrals to family law firms, but note that we do not have any legal counsel on staff.



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